Surname Name Role Department
Ambrosini Ettore Assistant professor Neuroscience
Angrilli Alessandro Full Professor General Psychology
Antonini Angelo Associate Professor Neuroscience
Bertoldo Alessandra Associate Professor Information Engineering
Bisiacchi Patrizia Full Professor General Psychology
Bonato Mario Assistant professor General Psychology
Bortolozzi Mario Associate Professor Physics and Astronomy “Galileo Galilei”
Bubacco Luigi Associate Professor Biology
Cagnin Annachiara Associate Professor Neuroscience
Casco Clara Full Professor General Psychology
Cona Giorgia Assistant professor General Psychology
Corbetta Maurizio Full Professor Neuroscience
Dadda Marco Associate Professor General Psychology
Dal Maschio Marco Assistant Professor Biomedical Science
Domenico D’Avella Full Professor Neuroscience
De Stefani Diego Assistant Professor Biomedical Science
Del Felice Alessandra Assistant Professor Neuroscience
Favaro Angela Full Professor Neuroscience
Finos Livio Associate Professor Developmental and Social Psychology
Paolo Gallo Associate Professor Neuroscience
Gentili Claudio Associate Professor General Psychology
Liotti Mario Full Professor Developmental and Social Psychology
Marchionni Ivan Assistant Professor Biomedical Science
Masiero Stefano Full Professor Neuroscience
Megighian Aram Associate Professor Biomedical Science
Melucci Massimo Associate Professor Information Engineering
Messerotti Benvenuti Simone Assistant Professor General Psychology
Palomba Daniela Full Professor General Psychology
Pietrobon Daniela Full Professor Biomedical Science
Semenza Carlo Associate Professor Neuroscience
Sorarù Gianni Assistant Professor Neuroscience
Spironelli Chiara Assistant Professor General Psychology
Suweis Samir Simon Assistant Professor Physics and Astronomy “Galileo Galilei”
Vallesi Antonino Associate Professor Neuroscience
Vassanelli Stefano Associate Professor Biomedical Science
Zanzotto Giovanni Associate Professor General Psychology