Claudia Lodovichi

Claudia Lodovichi, MD, is currently Tenured scientist at the Neuroscience Institute CNR, Padua.

She graduated in Medicine (1995) at the University of Pisa Medical School and Sant’ Anna School of Advanced Studies Pisa, Italy, with honors. She then obtained a PhD in Neurobiology (1999) at Sant’ Anna School of Advanced Studies Pisa, Italy, with honors, working on the interplay between neurotrophins and neuronal activity on cortical visual plasticity . She then moved to the USA where she worked as post doc, in LC Katz’s laboratory, HHMI, Duke Neurobiology Durham NC (1999- 2003) and then in JA Gogos’ laboratory, Columbia University NY, NY (2003 – 2005), where she continued to study circuit formation, function and plasticity, mostly in the olfactory system. In 2006, she won the Armenise-Harvard Career Developmental Award and established her laboratory at the Venetian Institute of Molecular Medicine, in Padua (VIMM group leader).

Research interests
The specificity of connections in the nervous system is essential to translate electrical activity into meaningful neuronal codes. We are interested in understanding how an ensemble of neurons wire together to form specific circuits and how these circuits process information. These events are highly dynamics and are deeply affected in pathological conditions. Combining real-time imaging, quantitative anatomy, behaviour and electrophysiology in vivo, we address these questions mostly in the olfactory system and connected areas, both in physiological and pathological conditions.

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