PhD in Neuroscience

The PhD in Neuroscience aims at providing students with the fundamental theoretical background and methodological skills for carrying out cutting-edge research in the neuroscience fields: Methods; Cognitive, Behavioral and Emotional Neuroscience (development included); Cellular and System Neuroscience; Clinical and Translational Neuroscience; Computational Neuroscience and models.

These research fields are strictly related to the corresponding core facilities and match to the different expertise already existing at the “Padova Neuroscience Center” and at the Departments supporting it. At the same time, our PhD course wishes to maintain the focus on the leading interests of the involved students.

Thanks to its strongly inter-disciplinary nature, the PhD course intends to attract international students from several branches of knowledge, among which Psychology, Medicine, Biology, Neuroscience, Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, and Statistics.

The Padova Neuroscience Center

The “Padova Neuroscience Center”, which hosts our PhD course, has as main scientific goals the basic and translational research on the brain meant as a network on multiple investigation levels, both on a spatial extent (from the cells to the whole brain) and on a time extent (from milliseconds to years).

An important purpose is represented by the characterization of the neural interrelation of the behavior and its disturbances and the use of advanced mathematical and physics models in order to describe and to analyze the brain signals, the behavior and the brain diseases. Another important aim is to develop innovative methods to analyze and to evaluate behavioral and cerebral signals, whether for the basic research or for commercial applications. A third objective is the understanding of the pathogenetic mechanisms responsible for the diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, psychiatric diseases included, and the development of new intervention strategies.

Why Padova?

Padova holds at the same time the record to be one of the most ancient and prestigious Universities worldwide and to be a Anatomic Theatre Padova Universitymiddle-size town where students can easily move among the several crucial points of the city and integrate themselves in a social background that offers lots in terms of leisure, knowledge and fun. Being a University city, Padova is naturally welcoming toward the students coming from other Italian cities as well as from abroad. The numerous connections by train, bus and motorways allow to quickly travel around the whole region and outside, reaching other towns like Venezia, Bologna, Firenze, Roma, etc. in a very short time.