Book presentation: “Alfonso Corti. The discovery of the hearing organ”

Proff. Alessandro Martini, Paolo Mazzarello, Eugenio Mira, and Albert Mudry – School of Medicine – Padova

When: November 22nd, 5:00 pm, 2022

Where: Aula Morgagni del Policlinico, Via Giustiniani 2, Padova

Abstract: In this book the biography is followed by a synopsis of scientists who followed in Alfonso Corti’s footsteps through the present, offered together with beautiful anatomic reproductions of Corti’s organ. Important followers were Nobel Prize winner Santiago Ramón y Cajal and Swedish anatomist Gustaf Retzius, nominated for the Nobel Prize nine times. Several others have provided new insights into the physiology, biochemistry, and especially, genetics involved in the coordinated development of this organ. This volume provides a historic background on the emergence of clinical applications from basic research leading to novel treatments for patients suffering from hearing loss that any otologist and anatomist would find intriguing. As a grand finale, the authors present the original copy of Alfonso Corti’s paper “Recherches sur l’organe de l’ouïe des mammifères”.

(from the Forward by Helge Rask-Andersen MD, PhD, Professor, Uppsala University, Sweden)