‘Little brain’, big contributions – Reflection on cerebellar circuitry in action, perception, and cognition

by prof. Sonja Kotz – University of Maastricht

When: July 7th, 2022 – 3:00 pm

Where: Sala Seminari, VIMM. Recording available on Mediaspace

Abstract: It is well established that cortico-cerebellar-cortical circuitry monitors motor behavior, but recent evidence established that this circuitry similarly engages in the temporal encoding of basic and more complex (multi)sensory information. Consequently, cerebellar computations may generally apply to the temporal encoding of motor and basic and complex (multi)sensory information as (i) such information stimulates and monitors cortical information processing, and (ii) cerebellar-thalamic output might be a possible source of endogenous activity, predicting the outcome of cortical information processing and (iii) possibly providing a temporal frame for the binding of information. I will discuss our current conceptual thinking as well as empirical evidence in support of these considerations.