Alessandro Angrilli

Alessandro Angrilli is Full Professor, Psychobiology, Department of General Psychology, University of Padova.

Master degree in Biology. PhD in Experimental Psychology with a thesis entitled “Psychophysiology of emotions”. In 1995 spent one year in the Institute of Medical Psychology and Behavioral Neurobiology of Tübingen directed by Prof. Niels Birbaumer. In 1997-1998, Marie-Curie post-doc grant at the University of Konstanz, laboratories of Prof. Thomas Elbert and Brigitte Rockstroh with a project on cortical plasticity of language in aphasic patients after recovery. In 1998, Assistant Professor of Psychobiology at the Department of General Psychology, University of Padova. In 2001, Associate professor and in 2015, Full professor of Psychobiology. He has been supervisor and tutor of several PhD students, for three of whom he was co-tutor with German Universities (Konstanz and Wuerzburg). In 2011-2015 he was coordinator of the PhD Course in Psychobiology in Padova. Since 2003, head of the Microgravity and Brain Plasticity Lab. Since 2013, head of the Psychophysiology Research Labs of his department. Department delegate for all the laboratories of its institution. Associate Editor of Biological Psychology, BMC Neuroscience, Scientific Reports.

Main Research Interests

  • Psychophysiology of emotions and empathy and their alteration in psychiatric, personality and neurological disorders;
  • Hemispheric asymmetry of Language in psychotic disorders and its reorganization in dyslexic children and aphasic patients;
  • Cortical plasticity in healthy population and neurological patients;
  • Influence of body posture on cognition, emotion and pain.
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