PhD Students

PhD Students (XXXV Cycle)

Bertuccelli Margherita

Project Title Rehabilitation paradigms in congenital and acquired neurological disorders: quantitative and cognitive assessments, and rehabilitative interventions
Supervisor Prof. Alessandra Del Felice
Co-supervisor(s) Prof. Stefano Masiero, Prof. Patrizia Bisiacchi

Bruzzone Matteo

Project Title Reconstructing brain-wide neuronal circuits underlying sensori-motor integration mechanisms
Supervisor Prof. Aram Megighian
Co-supervisor(s) Prof. Marco Dal Maschio

Celli Miriam

Project Title A deeper look into visual cognition: low dimensionality in visual information foraging and retrieving
Supervisor Prof. Maurizio Corbetta
Co-supervisor(s) Prof. Giorgia Cona

Coccaro Ambra

Project Title Spatiotemporal dynamics of Affective Inhibitory Control
Supervisor Prof. Mario Liotti
Co-supervisor(s) Prof. Antonino Vallesi

Dal Bò Elisa

Project Title Evaluation and promotion of social interaction through emotional multisensory induction: an investigation of psychophysiological, behavioral and social responses
Supervisor Prof. Claudio Gentili
Co-supervisor(s) Prof. Simone Messerotti Benvenuti

Dell’Acqua Carola

Project Title Neural correlates of motivational and cognitive processes in depressive symptomatology: towards the design of a specific neurofeedback training
Supervisor Prof. Simone Messerotti Benvenuti
Co-supervisor(s) Prof. Daniela Palomba; Prof. Antonino Vallesi
Emmi Aron

Emmi Aron

Project Title Clinical and morphofunctional characterization of the human basal ganglia
Supervisor Prof. Angelo Antonini
Co-supervisor(s) Prof. Raffaele De Caro

Lazzarotto Andrea

Project Title Cortical demyelination and remyelination in multiple sclerosis
Supervisor Prof. Paolo Gallo
Co-supervisor(s) Prof. Benedetta Bodini

Tambaro Mattia

Project Title A brain-silicon closed-loop hybrid system with synapse-inspired neuroelectronic links
Supervisor Prof. Stefano Vassanelli
Co-supervisor(s) Prof. Alessandra Bertoldo

Trevisan Nicolò

Project Title A translational study of the neurobiological effects of genetic variations in D3 receptors
Supervisor Prof. Fabio Sambataro
Co-supervisor(s) Prof. Antonino Vallesi

Vicentin Stefano

Project Title Functional Connectivity in Prospective Memory: modifications with Aging and differences between acoustic and visual modalities
Supervisor Prof. Patrizia Bisiacchi
Co-supervisor(s) Prof. Dante Mantini

Volpi Tommaso

Project Title Glucose metabolism and its structural and functional underpinnings in the healthy human brain
Supervisor Prof. Maurizio Corbetta
Co-supervisor(s) Prof. Alessandra Bertoldo

PhD Students (XXXIV Cycle)

Bovo Stefano

Project Title Transcranial magnetic stimulation in conjunction with electroencephalography: quantitative assessment of the spatio-temporal pattern of intermediate-and long-latency TMS-Evoked Potentials
Supervisor Prof. Dante Mantini
Co-supervisor(s) Prof. Florinda Ferreri, Ing. Marco Rossi

Fusina Francesca

Project Title Psychophysiological responses to affective stimuli in individuals with high vs low emotion dysregulation
Supervisor Prof. Alessandro Angrilli
Co-supervisor(s) Prof. Aram Megighian

Margoni Monica

Project Title Cerebellar and optic pathway pathology, and cognitive decline in pediatric onset multiple sclerosis. A comprehensive approach by means of MRI, OCT and neuropsychological examinations.
Supervisor Prof. Paolo Gallo
Co-supervisor(s) Prof. Diego Cecchin

Menardi Arianna

Project Title Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and Network Modulation: a new path toward Stroke Rehabilitation
Supervisor Prof. Antonino Vallesi
Co-supervisor(s) Prof. Maurizio Corbetta, Dr. Emiliano Santarnecchi

Moretto Manuela

Project Title The use of fMRI data to develop a model for decoding the semantic information evoked by natural stimulus and to characterize alteration of the functional connectivity between controls and anorexic patients
Supervisor Prof. Alessandra Bertoldo
Co-supervisor(s) Prof. Maurizio Corbetta
Salvalaggio Alessandro

Salvalaggio Alessandro

Project Title Correlations between multimodal MRI/PET brain imaging and immunological markers in glioma
Supervisor Prof. Maurizio Corbetta
Co-supervisor(s) Prof. Michel Thiebaut de Schotten, Prof. Chiara Briani

Sandre Michele

Project Title Biomarkers definition for patients stratification in precision immunotherapy of Parkinson disease
Supervisor: Prof. Angelo Antonini
Co-supervisor(s) Prof. Luigi Bubacco

Villani Umberto

Project Title Modeling brain tumor microstructure from diffusion MRI data
Supervisor Prof. Alessandra Bertoldo
Co-supervisor(s) Prof. Michel Thiebaut de Schotten
Zorzi Giovanni

Zorzi Giovanni

Project Title Late-onset affective disorders: the challenge of disentangling neurodegenerative diseases from primary psychiatric disorders
Supervisor Prof. Giulia Perini
Co-supervisor(s) Prof. Annachiara Cagnin