Pre-Clinical Core Facilities


Various facilities for “animal core” studies are available at VIMM site.

Multiphoton Imaging System

The MP system is based on a Thorlabs Bergamo layout equipped with dual scan head arrangement (one galvo-resonant and the other galvo-galvo) and four non-descanned detection channels.

Laser sources:

  • Chameleon Ultra II
  • Compact OPO
  • Katana HP


  • 16x Nikon WI 0.8NA 3mm WD (CFI75 16XLWD-PF)
  • 25x Olympus WI 1.05NA 2mm WD (XLPLN25XWMP2)

Mesoscale Imaging system

  • Fluorescence imaging mesoscope specifically designed for detecting fluorescence at very low emission levels
  • Can be used in combination with voltage sensitive dyes, genetically encoded fluorescence based voltage, neurotransmitter or calcium reporters, or with intrinsic signal
  • Concurrent recordings from up to 512 channels
  • Matlab or python routine to export and analyze the data

OpenEhys Multisite MU/LFP Recording System

  • Concurrent recordings from up to 128 channels
  • Matlab or python routine to export and analyze the data
  • Three channel system for electrophysiological recording in freely behaving animal models
  • The head mounted preamplifier is capable of providing high signal to noise ratio EEG/LFP/EMG recordings over extended experimental time window
  • Matlab or python routine to export and analyze the data

Systems for optogenetic neuronal modulation

Different light sources are available for experiments requiring light based modulation of neuronal activity in combination with light based ion channels. Along with fiber-based widefiled stimulation it is possible to connect the fiber output to a device for patterning the stimulation area based on a digital micromirror device.

Light Sources:

  • MLD 100mW@473nm with AOM
  • DPSS 150mW@591nm with AOM
  • Thorlabs 473nm diode

Spatial Patterning:

  • Light Crafter DLP4500 from TI

Usage policies

Please contact dr. M. Dal Maschio for details

Booking procedures

Consult the calendar and make your reservation on desired dates and time slots