High Density EEG


A 256 channel EEG system, also MR compatible, is available at VIMM’s lab. The system is connected to many different stimulation systems. A networked infrastructure with a signal amplifier and a PC to collect the signals is provided.

Geodesic HD-EEG nets

  • 256-channel HydroCel GSN Sensor nets
  • MR compatible

Net Amps 400 amplifier

  • 256-channels input
  • 24 bits A/D resolution
  • 0.023 µV/bit sensitivity
  • less than 0.8 µVRMS input noise
  • Complete software package for acquiring, reviewing, visualizing, and analyzing EEG data
  • Acquisition module: record EGG data
  • Review module: view EEG data with a variety of views

Usage policies

  • Write a project proposal using the attached form (Word version, PDF version)
  • Fill in the PNC Booking System form below and attach your proposal
  • Wait for the approval

Booking procedures

Consult the calendar and make your reservation on desired dates and time slots