Patrizia Bisiacchi

Present position

Full Professor M PSI02 (Psychobiology and Physiological Psychology) School of Psychology, University  of Padova.

Member of the National Committee for Research (CNGR) -MIUR.

Head of the Master degree (second cycle) in Cognitive Neuroscience and Clinical Neuropsychology (CN2), Department of General Psychology, University of Padova.

Director of the Lifespan Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory (LCNL) Department of General Psychology, University of Padova.

Major Research interests

  • Use of brain imaging techniques in the life-span to understand the neural systems involved in cognitive functions
  • Develop novel interventions aimed at modulating psychological processes and improving the health and quality of life of patients with neurological disorders
  • Estimation of cortical connectivity in the life-span from high resolution EEG
  • Co-registration of EEG, fNIRS, TMS and tDCS data in the study of executive functions, time perception, and prospective memory in healthy persons and patients.
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