Distinguished Lectures and Seminars

Here is the list of all present and planned Lectures and Seminars held or co-hosted at PNC.

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DSB-PNC’s co-hosted Seminar Dr. Paolo Bonifazi @ Biocruces Bizkaia Health Research Institute (Espaňa) Bridging the gap between structural and (dys)functional connectivity: a multi-scale approach 11/11/2021 h. 15:30 Zoom
PNC Seminar Prof. Judit Gervain The neural architecture of early speech perception 03/02/2022 h. 15:00 Zoom
PNC Seminar Prof. Aram Megighian Oculomotor responses in humans and animals 17/02/2022 h. 15:00 Zoom
PNC Seminar Prof. Michele Allegra Approches to brain controllability 03/03/2022 h. 15:00 Zoom
DSB-PNC’s co-hosted Seminar Prof. Marco Cambiaghi @ Università di Verona Effects of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) in the physiological and in the ischemic motor cortex in the mouse 10/03/2022 h. 15:00 Zoom
PNC Seminar Prof. Alessandra del Felice – Prof. Emanuele Menegatti Bridging neuroscience and robotics: wearable robots for innovative rehabilitation and healthy ageing 17/03/2022 h. 15:00 Sala Seminari (VIMM)
Mediaspace recording
DSB-PNC’s co-hosted Seminar Dr. Marco Mainardi @ Instituto di Neuroscienze, Centro Nazionale delle Ricerche, Pisa Understanding learning and memory at the single-synapse scale 24/03/2022 h. 15:00 Mediaspace recording
PNC Seminar Prof. Valentina Baro Advanced neuroimaging in neurosurgery 14/04/2022 h. 15:00 Sala Seminari (VIMM)
PNC Seminar Prof. Andrea Benucci @ RIKEN (Japan) Sensory representation plasticity driven by patterned optogenetics in the mouse cortex 28/04/2022 h. 10:00 Zoom: https://bit.ly/3tNZBpC
PNC Seminar Prof. Gian Michele Ratto @ Nanoscience CNR and Scuola Normale di Pisa A diurnal rhythm of intracellular chloride in pyramidal neurons affects cortical dynamics and signal processing in the cortex 26/05/2022 h. 15:00 Sala Seminari (VIMM)
Distinguished Lecture Prof. Nicholas Brunel @ Duke University School of Medicine From synapse to network: Models of information storage and retrieval in brain networks 16/06/2022 h. 15:00 Sala Seminari (VIMM)
Distinguished Lecture Prof. Michael Halassa @ MIT Boston (United Stated of America) 23/06/2022 h. 15:00 Sala Seminari (VIMM)
Distinguished Lecture Prof. Sonja Kotz @ Maastricht (Netherlands) ‘Little brain’, big contributions – reflections on cerebellar circuitry in action, perception, and cognition 07/07/2022 h. 15:00 Sala Seminari (VIMM)
PNC Seminar Prof. Simone Gastaldon When inefficient speech-motor control affects predictive speech comprehension:
atypical electrophysiological correlates in stuttering
21/07/2022 h. 15:00
PNC Seminar Prof. Alessandra Bertoldo 15/09/2022 h. 15:00
PNC Seminar 22/09/2022 h. 15:00
Distinguished Lecture Prof. Peter Bandettini @ NIH (United States of America) Challenges, Opportunities, and Novel Findings with High Field MRI and fMRI 29/09/2022 h. 15:00 Sala Seminari (VIMM)
PNC Seminar Prof. Davide Bernardi 6/10/2022