Angela Favaro

Present position

Full professor MED/25  (Psychiatry), Padova University School of Medicine.

She is also Chief of Psychiatric Clinic at the Hospital of Padova; Chief of the Eating Disorders Unit at the Hospital of Padova; Director of Psychiatry Residency Program.

Major Research Interests

– Psychopathology, epidemiology and therapy of eating disorders

– Genetic and neurodevelopmental risk factors for the development of eating disorders. The Eating Disorders Padova Research Group in collaboration with Professor Maurizio Clementi (Clinical Genetics Unit) host a DNA biobank (BIOVEDA)

– Neurocognition in eating disorders and in other types of psychiatric disorders. Functional connectivity correlates of executive functioning in psychiatric disorders.

– Structural and functional neuroimaging in eating disorders, psychiatric disorders, and rare genetic diseases

– Neuroconnectomics of psychiatric disorders.

– Non-invasive repetitive stimulation as a treatment in psychiatric disorders

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