Livio Finos

Livio Finos is Full Professor at the Dept. of Statistical Sciences in Padova.

Previously he has been Associate Professor at the Department of Developmental Psychology and Socialisation, Assistant Professor (2008-2014) at Department of Statistical Sciences University of Padua (SSD secs-s/01), and held a Researcher position at Department of Medical Statistics and Bioinformatics (MSBI) at the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC). Advisor: Dr. J. Goeman. Also member of Bioinformatics Center of Expertise (2008-2009).

As a post-doc, he has held positions at CIBB, University of Roma “Tor Vergata” (2007- 2008) and at University of Ferrara.

He received his M.S. in Demographic Statistics and Statistics for the Social Sciences (2000) and his Ph.D. in Statistics (2004) from the University of Padua.

In 2012 he got the National Academic Qualification as Associate Professor in the Areas of  Statistics (SSD secs-s/01), Psychometrics (SSD m-psi/03) and Medical Statistics (SSD med/01).

His expertise is on nonparametric statistical methods for multivariate inference, specially multivariate permutations tests and multiple testing.

The application fields range from neuroscience to behavioral psychology, from the biostatistics to ecology, from text mining to big (web) data.

He has co-authored over more than 50 international, peer-reviewed journal papers and has authored several packages for the statistical software R.

He is founder of spinoff of the University of Padua.

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