Journal Club

Find below the calendar of the speeches held by the PNC PhD Students.

Giulia Bonato // Alessandro Miscioscia A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study of Social Cognition in Schizophrenia During an Acute Episode and After Recovery // Social Cognition and Emotional Assessment (SEA) is a Marker of Medial and Orbital Frontal Functions: A Voxel-Based Morphometry Study in Behavioral Variant of Frontotemporal Degeneration 17/11/2022 h. 14:00 zoom link
Gaia Lucarini // Caroline Nallet Earlier speech exposure does not accelerate speech acquisition // Development of non‐native vowel discrimination: Improvement without exposure 24/11/2022 h. 14:00 zoom link
Giulia Cattarinussi // Mohammad Hadi Aarabi The serotonin theory of depression: a systematic umbrella review of the evidence // Peripheral inflammation is associated with micro-structural and functional connectivity changes in depression-related brain networks 01/12/2022 h. 14:00 zoom link
Giacomo Barzon // Massimiliano Facca Spatial and temporal autocorrelation weave complexity in brain networks // On the intersection between data quality and dynamical modelling of large-scale fMRI signals 12/01/2023 h. 14:00 zoom link
Lu Zhang // Anastasia Dimakou A dual role of prestimulus spontaneous neural activity in visual object recognition // Long-term priors influence visual perception through recruitment of long-range feedback 26/01/2023 h. 14:00 zoom link
Giada Viviani // Valentina Meregalli Measurement Schmeasurement: Questionable Measurement Practices and How to Avoid Them // Development of an Offline-Friend Addiction Questionnaire (O-FAQ): Are most people really social addicts? 09/02/2023 h. 14:00 zoom link
Giulia Meneghini // Maria Colpo White Matter Tracts and Diffuse Lower-Grade Gliomas: The Pivotal Role of Myelin Plasticity in the Tumor Pathogenesis, Infiltration Patterns, Functional Consequences and Therapeutic Management // Lesion covariance networks reveal proposed origins and pathways of diffuse gliomas 16/02/2023 h. 14:00 zoom link
Marina Vitale // Andrea Buccellato Disentangling perceptual awareness from nonconscious processing in rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta) // What is wrong with the no-report paradigm and how to fix it 23/02/2023 h. 14:00 zoom link
Alessia Polito // Giada Pacinelli Maturation and circuit integration of transplanted human cortical organoids // Pathological oligodendrocyte precursor cells revealed in human schizophrenic brains and trigger schizophrenia-like behaviors and synaptic defects in genetic animal model 02/03/2023 h. 14:00 zoom link
Silvia Salvalaggio // Sara Lago Baseline predictors of response to repetitive task practice in chronic stroke // Early white matter connectivity and plasticity in post stroke aphasia recovery 09/03/2023 h. 14:00 zoom link
Yanjun Liu // Xiaoxiao Zhao Functional connectome fingerprinting: identifying individuals using patterns of brain connectivity // Fading of brain network fingerprint in Parkinson’s disease predicts motor clinical impairment 16/03/2023 h. 14:00 zoom link
Maria Silvia Saccani // Antonio di Soccio Sensitivity to geometric shape regularity in humans and baboons: A putative signature of human singularity // Recursive sequence generation in monkeys, children, US adults, and native Amazonians 23/03/2023 h. 14:00 zoom link
Francesco Bettella // Giulio Maria Menti 30/03/2023 h. 14:00 zoom link
Alice Melloni // Silvia Angiolillo 06/04/2023 h. 14:00 zoom link
Silvia Fornaro // Francesca Mura 13/04/2023 h. 14:00 zoom link
Elisa Tentori // Benedetta Mariani 20/04/2023 h. 14:00 zoom link
Paola Santacesaria // Cristiano Costa 27/04/2023 h. 14:00 zoom link
Marica Albanesi // Marco Salamanca 04/05/2023 h. 14:00 zoom link
Alessandro Miola // Valentina D’Onofrio 11/05/2023 h. 14:00 zoom link
Maria Chiara Maccarone // Andrea Zanola 18/05/2023 h. 14:00 zoom link
Michela Garon // Giovanni Librizzi // Sonia Amato 25/05/2023 h. 14:00 zoom link