Journal Club

Find below the calendar of the speeches held by the PNC PhD Students.

Francesca Mura The Cardiovascular Conundrum in Ethnic and Sexual Minorities: A Potential Biomarker of Constant Coping With Discrimination 21/10/2021 h. 14:00 zoom link
Silvia Salvalaggio Recovery and Prediction of Bimanual Hand Use After Stroke 28/10/2021 h. 14:00 zoom link
Giulia Meneghini Attenuation of sensory processing in the primary somatosensory cortex during rubber hand illusion 11/11/2021 h. 14:00 zoom link
Sara Lago Individual alpha power predicts language comprehension 18/11/2021 h. 14:00 zoom link
Cristiano Costa High-level cognition during story listening is reflected in high-order dynamic correlations in neural activity patterns 25/11/2021 h. 14:00 zoom link
Giulia Cattarinussi The Effects of Alcohol and Cannabis Use on the Cortical Thickness of Cognitive Control and Salience Brain Networks in Emerging Adulthood: A Co-twin Control Study 02/12/2021 h. 14:00 zoom link
Silvia Fornaro Visual and linguistic semantic representations are aligned at the border of human visual cortex 09/12/2021 h. 14:00 zoom link
Valentina Meregalli Neurocognitive Mechanisms of Social Inferences in Typical and Autistic Adolescents 16/12/2021 h. 14:00 zoom link
Paola Santacesaria // Giada Viviani Reduction in Left Frontal Alpha Oscillations by Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation in Major Depressive Disorder Is Context Dependent in a Randomized Clinical Trial // Investigating the replicability of preclinical cancer biology 20/01/2022 h. 14:00-15:15 zoom link
Yanjun Liu When makes you unique: Temporality of the human brain fingerprint 27/01/2022 h. 14:00 zoom link
Anastasia Dimakou Predictive coding during action observation – a depth-resolved intersubject functional correlation study at 7T 03/02/2022 h. 14:00 zoom link
Caroline Nallet Neural correlates of visual stimulus encoding and verbal working memory differ between cochlear implant users and normal-hearing controls. 10/02/2022 h. 14:00 zoom link
Giacomo Barzon Network-level macroscale structural connectivity predicts propagation of transcranial magnetic stimulation 17/02/2022 h. 14:00 zoom link
Massimiliano Facca Fast Recurrent Processing via Ventrolateral Prefrontal Cortex Is Needed by the Primate Ventral Stream for Robust Core Visual Object Recognition 24/02/2022 h. 14:00 zoom link
Giada Pacinelli Rescue of maternal immune activation-induced behavioral abnormalities in adult mouse offspring by pathogen-activated maternal Treg cells 03/03/2022 h. 14:00 zoom link
Maria Colpo Power spectra reveal distinct BOLD resting-state time courses in white matter 10/03/2022 h. 14:00 zoom link
Maria Silvia Saccani Seven steps toward more transparency in statistical practice 17/03/2022 h. 13:45 zoom link
Alessia Polito Dlk1 dosage regulates hippocampal neurogenesis and cognition 24/03/2022 h. 14:00 zoom link
Lu Zhang How do the blind ‘see’? The role of spontaneous brain activity in self-generated perception 31/03/2022 h. 14:00 zoom link
Benedetta Mariani // Alessandro Miscioscia Pathologically reduced neural flexibility recovers during psychotherapy of OCD patients // Persistent white matter changes in recovered COVID-19 patients at the 1-year follow-up 07/04/2022 h. 14:00 -16:00 zoom link
Alice Melloni Activation of the medial preoptic area (MPOA) ameliorates loss of maternal behavior in a Shank2 mouse model for autism 14/04/2022 h. 14:00 zoom link
Elisa Tentori // Antonio Di Soccio Reproducible brain-wide association studies require thousands of individuals // Revealing the structure of pharmacobehavioral space through motion sequencing

21/04/2022 h. 14:00 -16:00 zoom link
Silvia Angiolillo Human CNS barrier-forming organoids with cerebrospinal fluid production 28/04/2022 h. 14:00 zoom link
Francesco Bettella // Marco Albanesi BCI Training Effects on Chronic Stroke Correlate with Functional Reorganization in Motor-Related Regions: A Concurrent EEG and fMRI Study // Elements of a stochastic 3D prediction engine in larval zebrafish prey capture 05/05/2022 h. 14:00-16:00 zoom link
Mohammad Hadi Aarabi Brain charts for the human lifespan 12/05/2022 h. 14:00 zoom link
Giulio Maria Menti // Alessandro Miola Mechanisms of punctuated vision in fly flight // Longitudinal Structural Brain Changes in Bipolar Disorder: A Multicenter Neuroimaging Study of 1232 Individuals by the ENIGMA Bipolar Disorder Working Group 19/05/2022 h. 14:00-16:00 zoom link
Andrea Buccellato Temporal irreversibility of neural dynamics as a signature of consciousness 26/05/2022 h. 14:00 zoom link