Daniela Palomba

Daniela Palomba, MD, is Full Professor Clinical Psychology, Department of General Psychology,  University of Padova.

Principal Appointments:

2013-17: Deputy Head Department of General Psychology, University of Padova.

2012-present: Member Venetian Regional Committee on Mental Health.

2012-16: President of the Master level Course Clinical Psychology, University of Padova.

2008-11(VIII): Deputy-Dean, (IX-XII) Dean, Faculty of Psychology, University of Padova.

2009-13: Member of the Scientific Committee, Department of General Psychology, Padova.

2008-2016: Board of the Doctorate Program in Psychological Sciences.

2007-08: Director of the Master in Traumatology and Emergency Psychology, University of Padova.

2006-08: President of the University Scientific Committee (Section Psychology), University of Padova.

2003-05: Member of the University Scientific Committee (Section Psychology), University of Padova; 2004-07: Committee Evaluation of Research (CIVR).

2000-present: Director of the  Psychophysiology Service, Laboratories for Applied and Clinical Psychological Research, University of Padova.

Main research interests:

  • Psychophysiology of emotion and anxiety disorders (affiliation to the NIMH-Center for the Study of Emotion and Attention, University of Florida, USA). Autonomic and central nervous system (ERPs) correlates of unpleasant affective dispositions, including the freezing or fainting response (e.g. vaso-vagal syncope, blood-phobia).
  • Anxiety and stress responses associated with primary and white-coat hypertension (member of HARVESt, Hypertension and Ambulatory Recording VEnetia Study). Autonomic (HRV) and central (EEG-bands) correlates of depressive symptoms and their association with cardiovascular disorders (affiliation to CIRMANMEC, Center for Research Models on Neuropsychic Disorders in Clinical Medicine, University of Padova).
  • Biofeedback e Neurofeedback. Biofeedback-assisted rehabilitation of autonomic dysfunctions associated with mood, anxiety and stress disorders, including post-traumatic stress disorders (grant ANMIL, Italian Association for Victims of work-related accidents); EEG-Neurofeedback for depression, emotional regulation, attention deficits and impulsive symptoms (affiliation to CNC, Center of Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Padova).

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