Predictive processing in spoken language comprehension: insights from electrophysiology in typical and atypical populations

by dr. Simone Gastaldon, Dept. of Developmental Psychology and Socialisation and Padova Neuroscience Center – Padova

When: November 3rd, 2022 – 3:00 pm

Where: Sala Seminari – VIMM. Recording available on Mediaspace.

Abstract: Understanding language is a complex task that neurologically intact people seem to perform very easily. To achieve this, our brain does not only passively process incoming stimuli, but also proactively predicts upcoming information to facilitate processing. In this talk I will present past and ongoing studies that investigate some aspects of such predictive processes, by using electroencephalography with both typically developed adults, and people with atypical development. In particular, I will focus on 1) the hypothesis of “prediction-by-production” (typical adults and adults who stutter), and 2) the relevance of prediction and multisensory integration in audiovisual speech comprehension when the auditory input is sub-optimal (deaf people with cochlear implant).