Preparing for your scientific career: The relevance of publishing

by Dr. Elena Becker-Barroso, Editor-in-Chief at The Lancet Neurology

When: June 6, 2024, at 2:30 pm

Where: Sala Seminari VIMM (Fondazione per la Ricerca Biomedica Avanzata Onlus, Via Orus 2, Padova)

Who: The seminar is addressed to PhD students and post-doc fellows

Abstract: The dissemination of findings and hypotheses is an essential part of the work of a scientist. However, most students aiming at a scientific career are not familiarised with academic journals and their procedures. I will describe the procedures that editors at The Lancet group use to select and prioritise articles for publication. The Lancet was founded in London (UK) in 1823, whereas The Lancet Neurology was launched almost two centuries later, in 2002. Both journals set high standards for clinical research and share the end goal of improving clinical practice. In my presentation, I will explain the intricacies of our peer-review process and will dispel common misconceptions about editorial decision-making. Editors strive to contextualise scientific evidence, to disseminate it broadly, and to advocate for the scientific community. Understanding the editors’ work can provide scientists-in-training with the tips and knowledge that will facilitate their future publications.

Participants are strongly recommended to bring their own laptop.