Antonino Vallesi

Antonino Vallesi is an Associate Professor in Psychobiology & Physiological Psychology at the University of Padua since 2014.

He pursued his master degree in Psychology (cum laude) from University of Padua in 2003 and his PhD in Neuroscience (cum laude) at SISSA, Trieste in 2007.  During his PhD, he visited the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, UCL, London (2005). He was a post-doctoral fellow at the Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest, Toronto (2007-2009) and an Assistant Professor at SISSA (2009-2012) and then at University of Padua (2012-2014).

In 2011 he received the Bertelson Award from the European Society of Cognitive Psychology, and the “Outstanding Young Person” national award for his research activity from Junior Chamber International. In 2017, he was the recipient of the SIPF Prize from the Società Italiana di Psicofisiologia e Neuroscienze Cognitive. In 2013 he was funded with an FP7 ERC starting grant with a project on Life Experience Modulation of Executive Function Asymmetries (about 1.5 MEuros).

His research interests include the anatomo-functional organization of executive functions, cognitive aging and temporal processing. The methods he uses include neuroimaging, EEG, neuropsychology and experimental psychology.

He has supervised >6 PhD students, 11 post-doctoral fellows and >45 trainees and master students.

He has authored more than 90 peer-reviewed articles in international scientific journals, 6 book chapters, co-edited 1 book, organized various symposia and an international conference, and has been invited as a speaker in several national and international conferences and research institutes.

He teaches Neuroimaging and Brain Stimulation, Cognitive Neuroscience, Foundations of Psychology and Methodology for the Behavioral Sciences at University of Padua.

He has served as Associate and Guest Editor for Frontiers in Psychology (Cognition section) and is also in the editorial board of Journal of Cognitive Enhancement – Springer (2016-); Brain Sciences (2020); BioMed Research International (Action Editor, since 2015) etc. He has served as an ad hoc reviewer for numerous international journals including Plos Biology, Brain, Neurosci Biobehav R, Cereb Cortex, Neurobiol Aging, Neuroimage, Hum Brain Mapp, J Cogn Neurosci, Cortex, Neuropsychologia etc.

He has been a grant reviewer for Horizon 2020 MSCA-IF-2016 & FET 2014; MIUR SIR 2014; FP7 HBP Call 2013; NSERC Canada 2011-12; Romanian NCDI 2011-13; OPUS–National Science Centre, Poland etc.

If interested in our research, have a look at the Executive Function Lab at Unipd