The Brain Prize Seminar Series “Migraine and Headache”: Prof. Daniela Pietrobon among the speakers

In 2021 The Brain Prize, the world’s largest award for neuroscience, was awarded to
Jes Olesen, Lars Edvinsson, Peter Goadsby and Michael Moskowitz for their work on
the causes and treatment of migraine.
The Brain Prize seminar series on migraine and headache consists of 12 seminars from
international leaders in the field including the 2021 Brain Prize winners.
The series started in April 2021 and it will end in March 2022 and covers topics including
mechanistic studies in patients and animal models, genetics of migraine, cluster- and
post-traumatic headache, and treatment of migraine and headache disorders.

Prof. Daniela Pietrobon, affiliated with the “Padova Neuroscience Center-PNC”, on October 28th, 2021 at 4:00 PM CET will talk about “Migraine – a disorder of E-I balance? Insights from genetic mouse models of the disease”

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