Research Grant program in bio-optics

A call for admission to a Research Grant in bio-optics, microscopy, nano-optics (curriculum in physics, biotechnologies, materials science, biophysics) is open at the group of Nanodevices of Dept. of Physics and Astronomy.

Title of the project

Two photon microscopy for the study of tissue recellularization.

Abstract of the project

The innovative branch of Regenerative Medicine intends to restore the physiological function of damaged or diseased tissues by stimulating repair processes. The grant is proposed within the framework of LIFE LAB that is a large interdisciplinary project that aims at regenerating whole organs, such as the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys as well as by reconstructing tissues. The successful candidate will develop microscopy and nanoscopy focused to characterization of the basic processes of recellularization. He/she will have carry out experiments of two photon microscopy (multiphotonic techniques, in the second third harmonic) and super resolution microscopy (STED) for the three-dimensional study of biological samples, combining fluorescence and Label free markings, using biochemical sample reparation
treatments. The candidate will also develop an optical layout capable of working inside the range of visible and near infrared for super-resolution optical microscopy.

We are looking for highly motivated enthusiastic and passionate candidates with strong analytical skills and desire to learn.

For any further information please contact:

Prof. Filippo Romanato
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
Tel. +390498277081
Mobile +393883067420